France and its Global Histories: State of the Field

France and its Global Histories: State of the Field ~ Programme

A two-day workshop generously supported by the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni and the School of History, University of St Andrews

Wednesday 27 August 2014

9-9.30           Introduction: Stephen Tyre (St Andrews) and Sarah Easterby-Smith (St Andrews)

9.30-11        Migration, Hierarchy, Difference

Chair: Stephen Tyre (St Andrews)

Simon Jackson (Birmingham), ‘Global Recruits for Imperial Warfare: the Legion of the Orient and the French Mandate in Syria, 1915-1924’

Michael Kozakowski (Chicago / European University Institute), ‘Re-thinking France through the Mediterranean: Moving Beyond Bilateral and (Post)-Colonial Paradigms of Migration’

Andrew WM Smith (University College London), ‘A Global Stage for the Ballets Africains: Imagining Nations in the Late Colonial State’

11-11.30     Coffee

11.30-1pm Local, National, Global, Universal

Chair: Akhila Yechury (St Andrews)

Jim Livesey (Dundee), ‘Global History and the Provinces’

Tyler Stovall (Berkeley), ‘Universal Nation: A Transnational History of Modern France’

Manuel Covo (Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre-La Défense), ‘The Global Historiography of the French-Haitian Revolution’

1-2.30pm    Lunch

2.30-3.45    Ideas, Movement, Reception

Chair: Jordan Girardin (St Andrews)

Friedemann Pestel (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg), ‘“Un gentilhomme est à un routier ce qu’un blanc est à un noir”. Postcolonial Ambivalences of Race and Class in the Historiographies of Independent Haiti and Restoration France (1814-1830)’

Carolyn J. Eichner (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), ‘France, Gender, and the Global Redefinition of Empire’

3.45-4.15    Tea

4.15-5.45    States, Scales, Knowledge

Chair: Sarah Easterby-Smith (St Andrews)

Junko Thérèse Takeda (Maxwell School, Syracuse), ‘A Local Perspective on the Global: Marseille’s Silk Industry and the Compagnie de la Méditerranée

Aro Velmet (New York University), ‘Global or Colonial Science? Plague and Pastorians in French Africa and South-East Asia, 1890-1920’

José Beltrán (European University Institute), ‘“Par les ordres du Roy”: Travelling Naturalists and the State Patronage of Sciences in Louis XIV’s France’

Thursday 28 August 2014

10-11.30     Networks, Collaborations, Continuities

Chair: Simon Jackson (Birmingham)

Emile Chabal (Edinburgh), ‘Postcolonialism in France: a Debate about the Nation?’

Anne-Isabelle Richard (Leiden), ‘The Limits of Solidarity: Europeanism, Anti-Colonialism and Socialism at the Congress of the Peoples in Puteaux, 1948’

Joanna Warson (Portsmouth), ‘France in Anglophone Africa: A Global Approach to the Study of France and its African Empire during Decolonisation’

11.30-12     Coffee

12-1.30        Roundtable: Tyler Stovall, Jim Livesey, Carolyn Eichner, Emile Chabal


We are delighted to announce the publication of the next book in St Andrews Studies in French History and Culture series:
Thomas A. Donlan, The Reform of Zeal: François de Sales and Militant French Catholicism


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