2017 workshop: Violence

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For its third edition, the Network’s workshop take place on 30 November – 1 December 2017 on the new premises of the Institut français d’Écosse, in Edinburgh. The main theme is: Violence.

Our keynote speaker is Antoine de Baecque from the École Normale Supérieure (Paris). His conference will take place at 18:30 on Thursday 30 November.

Our second day (Friday 1 December, 09:30 start) is dedicated to a fantastic group of PhD presentations. You will find a full programme below, with some of the texts available by clicking on the presenters’ names and text titles.

  • Camille Rouquet (Paris), “The twofold imagery of the Vietnam war: films vs. iconic photographs”
  • Chiara Quaranta (Edinburgh), “Cinematic Iconoclasm, or the end of the Filmic World (as we know it)”
  • Elodie Tamayo (Paris), “To film or not to film the end of the world: a presentation of Abel Gance’s apocalyptic projects”
  • Adèle Yon (ENS Paris), “Eisenstein: what Apocalypse?”
  • Alice Rosenthal, “Apocalyptic bodies: from the burlesque of the 1910s to the eccentrics of the 2010s”
  • Sophie Hopmeier (St Andrews), “Etre crâne: human skulls as material culture in Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau’s expedition documentary, Le Ciel et la Boue (1961)”
  • Sam Klein (St Andrews), “Medical concerns and military thinking”
  • Rodolphe Gahéry (Paris Nanterre), “From Religion to Nation? Representations of the End of the World in Early Cinema (mid-1890s – WWI)”
  • John R. Spiers (Glasgow), “The Violence of History in Benjamin Fondane’s essays”
  • Rosalee Ross (Edinburgh), “The end of the world (as we know it): Utopia, Dystopia and Ustopia in Contemporary Literature”
  • Fiona Dakin (St Andrews), “‘Dessin d’un maître inconnu’: representations and non-representations of violence in visual arts translations of an by Charles Baudelaire”
  • Yuelan Ma (Glasgow): “Reflections on the violence of translation: the case of Bible translation”
  • Jesus Rodriguez (Edinburgh): “A Queen’s exile in twelfth-century Angevin Normandy: the illuminated Fécamp Psalter and its patroness”
  • Kleio Pethainou: “When does the real world end?”


We are delighted to announce the publication of the next book in St Andrews Studies in French History and Culture series:
Thomas A. Donlan, The Reform of Zeal: François de Sales and Militant French Catholicism


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