France and the Mediterranean World in the Reign of Louis XIV

France and the Mediterranean World in the Reign of Louis XIV ~ Programme

A one-day workshop sponsored by the Society for the Study of French History and the School of History, University of St Andrews

9.00am Welcome: John Condren (University of St Andrews)

9.15am Panel One: Interactions with the infidel

Dr Phil McCluskey (University of Sheffield), “Echoes of the crusade in Louis XIV’s France”


Dr Michael Talbot (University of St Andrews), “Ottoman responses to privateering in the eastern Mediterranean, 1696-1706: French diplomatic victory or Ottoman legal ingenuity?”


Chair: Dr Alistair Malcolm (University of Limerick)

11.15am Panel Two: Franco-Italian rapport in artistic and political contexts

Sherrod Brandon Marshall (Maxwell School, University of Syracuse), “Collecting Venice: the bishop of Beziers and Louis XIV’s acquisition of Venetian cultural identity”


John Condren (University of St Andrews), “Louis XIV, the grand duchy of Tuscany, and the opening salvoes of the Franco-Dutch War”


Chair: Dr David Parrott (New College, University of Oxford)

2pm Panel Three: French commercial and geopolitical interests in the Mediterranean

Prof Junko Takeda (Maxwell School, University of Syracuse) “Silk and statecraft: French mercantilism and the early modern Mediterranean”


Benjamin Darnell (New College, University of Oxford) “Naval strategy in an age of financial overextension: the mobilisation of Louis XIV’s Mediterranean fleet”

Chair: Dr Guy Rowlands (University of St Andrews)

4pm Plenary address

Dr David Parrott (New College, University of Oxford), “Richelieu, Mazarin, and the war in Italy, 1635-1659”


 Chair: Professor Hamish Scott (University of Glasgow)


Round-table discussion Prof Junko Takeda • Dr Alistair Malcolm •  Dr Michael Talbot • Dr Guy Rowlands



We are delighted to announce the publication of the next book in St Andrews Studies in French History and Culture series:
Thomas A. Donlan, The Reform of Zeal: François de Sales and Militant French Catholicism


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